You Must Get Enough Sleep: The 5 Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Get Enough Sleep
Get Enough Sleep

You Must Get Enough Sleep: The 5 Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Many of us will soon realize that we have lack of time to perform all the things we need to do. For example, long commutes, emails, household chores, deadlines, social gatherings, and family responsibilities can take a significant part of our waking hours.

To get to an important social event and meet a work deadline, for example, many people set aside the importance of sleeping to juggle these activities.

Conforming to the norms of a 24/7 society where workloads hound us even to our bed prevents us from getting enough sleep. And all of these happened not without taking a negative impact on our body and in getting a high-quality life. For you to get well-aware of the negative effects of sleep deprivation, read this article.

Lack of Sleep Increases the Risk of Cardiac Arrest

Scientists have figured out that there are a lot of factors that will expose a person to the risk of heart attack, and not getting enough sleep is one of them.

In many experiments where participants are purposely sleep-deprived, the subjects displayed a growth of heart inflammation associated with the possible development of cardiovascular diseases. This result tells us that getting enough of sleep is so essential for you to avoid heart attacks.

Sleep Deprivation Lowers Your Sex Drive

If you put much importance on your sexual appetite, keep in mind not to weaken it by getting only a few hours of sleep. Men and women who do not get enough sleep show a decrease in their libido levels and tend to have less interest in sex due to mental exhaustion and sleepiness.

Men who have sleep apnea are also prone to abnormally low testosterone levels and low sex drive. In a study, the results show that men who suffer from sleep apnea produce lower than the normal levels of testosterone when night comes.

Sleep Loss Causes Weight Gain

Many studies have shown that people who have less sleep are more like to gain weight than people who have enough of it.

The reason behind this conclusion is that sleep loss slows down metabolism and interferes with the hormones that are important with the regulation of your appetite. When sleep loss messes with these hormones, it makes us feel hungry and overeat in response.

Aside from this fact, there is also what you call emotional eating. When you are sleep-deprived and exhausted, it is likely that you will eat more food in response to emotions you feel when you are in this state.

People Who Lacked Sleep Make Poor Decisions

Every time you are to make a decision, you exert effort in your brain to make a good one, and this makes your brain an important organ, for sure. However, when you feel tired because of having only a few hours of sleep, your brain will not function fully, meaning you will be likely to make poor decisions.

In a study that makes a correlation between sleep deprivation and economic preferences, business people who lacked sleep tend to go for high-risk decisions, instead of trying to make a logically sound judgment. Therefore, before nodding to that significant business deal, it is advisable to get an ample sleep.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Causes Bad Mood

When you are sleep-deprived, you will feel stressed and exhausted, which then make your mood turn into the negative.

According to a two-year study, researchers found that 78 participants who kept track of their sleep and a record of their emotional responses to various situational stimuli show increased and extremely negative emotions as a result of lack of sleep.

A Tip for Better Sleep: Choosing a Comfortable Bed

There are many tested and proven ways to get a better sleep, such as maintaining the right room temperature, keeping your room dark, and keeping your room quiet. But among these solutions is to make your bed comfy and pleasant for sleeping.
Beds that are too soft or hard for you will be a hindrance to your sleep, instead of helping you to sleep soundly at night. Therefore, it will be a good idea if you ditch the old and get a new one.


Sleep deprivation should not be taken lightly. As it has negative effects on our physical and mental health, it means a significant toll in living a quality life.

For instance, it makes you moody, lowers your sex drive, causes you to gain weight, and increases your risk of heart attacks. Therefore, you should see to it that you get enough sleep to avoid these negative effects. One way to get yourself a better sleep is to make beds as comfortable as possible.

Yassi Parrish is a home improvement blogger and health enthusiast. She writes about topics ranging from tips on how to make your home design look awesome and the best beds for better sleep. A self-professed bookworm and avid reader, she now has a collection of hundreds of books on her bookshelves.


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