Wound Care Treatment – How to Stop Bleeding from a Wound?

Wound Care Treatment.
Wound Care Treatment.

Wound Care Treatment Guidelines

Wound care Treatment Guidelines: Treatment of any type of wound, whether it is a minor or major, should be started immediately after initial assessment and must begin with cleaning of the wound.

Any person is exposed to external actions within a daily activity.

The increased popularity of active lifestyle, as well as involvement in sports, can be not only beneficial but also a bit dangerous to health.

Even experienced athletes are subject to injuries and wounds. People who prefer regular lifestyle are also not protected from different twists of fate that could cause damage to the body.

Cases When Urgent Care Is Required

Even a subtle cut or scratch can lead to adverse consequences without mentioning severe damages. The blood is the essential fluid of a human body. For this reason, any person has to be attentive to protect it from contamination and loss.

Actually, it is possible to cease escape of blood by own efforts.

However, some severe cases require the intervention of emergency medical services like Urgent Care. So, the following cases signalize on the necessity to call medical specialists.

  1. Significant loss of blood;
  2. Assumption of internal bleeding;
  3. Wound in the abdominal or chest area;
  4. Blood comes out from the wound on the head;
  5. Unstoppable exsanguination within 10 minutes;
  6. Significant flow from the wound;
  7. Signs of infection are visible on the wound (fever, redness, asthenia);
  8. Deep wound with wide-open edges.

The above-mentioned cases are typical for serious accidents like road traffic incident, assault, etc. Nevertheless, a careless use of electric or manual tools is also an often reason for bleeding wounds.

How to Cease Bleeding By Own Efforts?

Naturally, calling urgent care is a necessary action.

Nevertheless, fast and sound-minded measures taken by a wounded person can prevent from significant loss of blood.

Hence, you need to be aware how to cease leaking blood by using materials at hand.

  1. All kind of obstruction should be removed. This refers to clothing, jewelry, wristwatch and other items preventing from a direct access to the wound.
  2. A clean piece of soft material (gauze, cloth, or tissue) is a proper item to cover the wound. Apply the material to the unstanched spot and do not remove it even if completely soaked with blood. Press it and add more material.
  3. Effusion of blood from the wound on a limb can be reduced by lifting leg or arm above heart level. The injured individual is better to put in horizontal position.
  4. A garrot should be applied only in cases of severe bleeding that cannot be ceased with direct pressure.

Minor Wounds and Scratches

When your injury is nothing more than a bleeding cut or scratch, there is a plenty of solutions to solve your problem without panic and extra concerns.

  1. Wash out your wound with cold water or apply ice. Hot water can also be used to clot the blood. However, do not utilize both cold and hot water;
  2. Vaseline is another substance to clot your wound and cease bleeding. A small amount of this substance should be applied to the bleeding spot.
  3. A bit of cornstarch also has a cauterizing effect. Just do not rub the powder into the wound. As soon as bleeding is over, wash the damaged area with water.

The main thing in case of any injury or wound is to keep away from panic. Be confident and strictly follow the recommendations above to succeed.



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