wisdom Teeth Health Concern

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Wisdom Teeth_Kingston Denta_Clinic

Wisdom Teeth Health Concern

Know Your Wisdom Teeth 

Typically the last 4 permanent teeth to appear in the mouth are the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth usually start coming in when you are anywhere from 17-21 years old. These teeth are squeezed in the back and it is because they are coming into a tight space that creates many of the problems associated with wisdom teeth. According to Dr. McCabe, a Kingston Ontario Dentist, it is not necessarily the wisdom teeth themselves that create problems but the fact that there just isn’t enough room for them.

If you are one of the few lucky people that have enough room you might be able to keep your wisdom teeth. If you are like most people though you will find that your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room. This causes the teeth to come in crooked or even sideways. When teeth come in this way they can impact the teeth around them and like a domino effect create even more problems.

Health Concerns

The impact of your wisdom teeth coming in crooked can result in a number of problems, these potential problems are why your dentist might advise you to get them removed. These potential problems could include:

1. Your healthy teeth will be damaged by impacted wisdom teeth.
2. Impacted wisdom teeth often become infected and decay because of how they are awkwardly situated in your mouth.
3. Bacteria forms more easily around the wisdom teeth, which can lead to gum disease.
4. Cysts and tumors can form at the bottom of an impacted wisdom tooth, causing damage to nerves and adjacent bones as the roots continue to grow.

Symptoms and Awareness:

If you feel any of the symptoms below make sure you tell your dentist immediately as they indicate a pressing need to have your teeth checked:

– Pain or jaw stiffness
– Irritated teeth
– Swelling of the gums
– Discoloration of the gums

Otherwise, when you start to feel your wisdom teeth come in, just make sure to tell your dentist the next time you are getting a check up as they will want to take at least a couple x-rays to assess the way they are coming in, their roots and the probability of them creating health issues in your mouth.

There is no better way to avoid many health issues than with preventative care, so stay up to date with all your needed health appointments!


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