Will Meal Replacement Shakes Really Help You Lose Weight?


Will Meal Replacement Shakes Really Help You Lose Weight?

Whether meal replacement shakes really help in losing weight is the question. Many people wishing to shed some pounds are turning to shakes. Some really do the trick while others just do the opposite and they gain weight!

How Weight Loss Works ?

Weight loss is an uphill climb and it’s no wonder this industry is making tons of money so people can lose tons of weight. Replacement shakes are easy alternatives for meals and taste a lot better than some foods that are offered in diet plans. They are also easy and convenient for those who are just too busy and don’t have time to sit down to a meal.

Importance of Shakes 

People who are trying to lose weight have a tough time trying to prepare healthy low-cal meals because they don’t know how to prepare them or the cost of the ingredients are just through the roof. That’s why meal replacement shakes have become so popular. They are easy to use and many people are successful at dropping some unwanted weight.

What Nutritional Experts Say ?

Many nutritional experts have stressed that although they provide an adequate level of nutrients, they should never be used to replace your entire diet. Some of these shakes might have a good level of protein for feeling full, the lack of other nutrients can leave people feeling even hungrier.

Although studies have shown positive results for weight loss, the sustainability might not last over a long period of time and you could gain the weight back. It is strongly suggested that you consult with a dietitian to help you stay on track and keep the weight off.

Meal replacement shakes What and Where ?

Meal replacement shakes are everywhere from pharmacies to health food store to your local supermarket. They come in ready to drink shakes or powders as well as diet bars and soup. There are a few ingredients that must be in these replacement meals if you want good results and maintain your health.

When reading the labels, they should have at least 16 vitamins and minerals to retain good health. It’s really important you know what you are buying by reading the labels because they can vary enormously. You might want to reconsider protein and energy bars because they are usually high in sugar and will defeat your purpose for losing weight.


Keep in mind, even though meal replacement shakes might be convenient, you must master how to eat healthy foods in order to maintain your weight loss for a long period of time. Only replacing meals with these shakes will not accomplish what you need in the long run.

When you learn how to eat healthy foods you will also incorporate other nutrients that these shakes are very low in. Most do not contain sufficient levels of fiber and phytonutrients that you will find in vegetables and fruits.

What are Downside of Meal Replacements ?

Another downside, meal replacements will not give you the mental pleasure you get from eating real food. Even though shakes have a variety of flavors and have a great texture, the overall experience of eating food is gone. This is also a social aspect because people enjoy getting together and sitting down to a meal. Think about that, people using replacement shakes cannot join friends or family eating out and you just cannot eat like that for a really long period of time. At some point, the various flavors are going to start getting old and you just won’t enjoy them anymore.

Weight loss clinics have set up supervised very low energy diets (VLED) using meal replacements for obese clients. Only replacement shakes with adequate nutrition are good choices for these kinds of diets. Also, using replacement meals in very low energy diets should always be done under the supervision of medical staff. With proper supervision, you will be ensured you are being provided the right product to protect your health through monitoring and you can read reviews about shakes on healthguidreviews.

If this sound like something you might consider, sign up with knowledgeable clinics and get the right supervision that can answer your concerns and question while providing you healthy support.


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