What Should Be The Ideal Diet Followed By A Yogi


What Should Be The Ideal Diet Followed By A Yogi

Diet is an essential part of a yogi’s life. The food we intake tremendously affects the mind and body of the yoga practitioners. Therefore, it is recommended to consume an ideal diet that compliments the yoga practice and keeps you in the best shape of health and mind.

Several entities hail to India, the birthplace of yoga for experiencing the divine art of spirituality which is truly a worthwhile experience. A number of souls travel to the motherland to unfold the mystical art that paves way for self-realization and eternal enhancement. Yoga welcomes each and everyone who has an innate passion to learn about the art for a complete and positive transformation of oneself. Many desire to explore the divine dimensions of yoga on a deeper level for becoming a yogi in order to impart the wisdom in every corner of the globe, whereas some like to travel the world as yoga aficionado.

The journey to becoming a yogi is indeed an enlightening process. However, when the quest to becoming a yogi begins, there are several factors that require attention for smooth completion of the journey. The aspiring yogis need to pay utmost attention to the different styles of yoga, correct practices of yoga postures and how to perform the asanas without injury. Additionally, equal attentiveness is required towards the diet to be consumed. The importance of proper diet cannot be undermined as it plays a vital role in maintaining a strong, lean and flexible built of the practitioners.

Practicing yoga postures isn’t just enough for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it should be complemented with a balanced diet that really creates wonders. Proper and wholesome diet is a part of yogic living which many practitioners don’t realize. It is a well-established fact that poor diet contributes to the development of several diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes and, many more health issues. The yogic living suggests that a good diet based on nutrients can give a boost to energy levels, enhance moods and, can highly improvise the overall well-being for deep practices. It makes the environment around you more lively and, the world a better place to live.

What we eat largely influences both our physical and psychological well-being. In order to establish a healthy self, it is important to intake a rich diet, inclusive of vegetables, fruits, and salads. Unlike the science, yoga does not dissect the food on the basis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Instead, it classifies the food according to the effects on the health.

There are three kinds of food in the yogic science–

1. Sattva

2. Rajas

3. Tamas

Tamasic food is considered to be heavy and induces sluggishness. Fast food, consumable items stored in the refrigerator are all examples of tamasic food. Rajasic food brings restlessness in the body. Coffee and onions are few examples of the same. Last but not the least is the ‘Sattvic’ food made from healthy vegetables, fresh and high on vitamins. Sattvic food makes a person feel light, fresh and energetic. The right diet alone will not work, it is vital to take proper meals in appropriate quantity at right time.

In Ayurveda, the emphasis is laid on a sattvic diet. Sattvic diet consists of seasonal fruits, green vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts. Sattvic food supports the spiritual practices and other yoga teachings. The sattvic diet is purely vegetarian in nature. It is cultivated naturally without the use of any pesticides. It is highly nutritious and easy to digest. It is harmonious with the spiritual practices in contrast with the tamasic and rajasic diet. Sattvic diet is the best diet for physical strength and a calmer mind. It detoxifies the body from all impurities and makes the yogi feel vibrant and mindful. It nourishes the entire human body and keeps it in a peaceful state. It maintains the balanced energy flow within the body. The sattvic diet is highly recommended to all those who seek a meditative lifestyle.

Sattvic is undeniably, the ideal yogic diet for the yogis. A yogic diet is conducive to the practice of yoga. Sattvic diet honors the teachings of Yoga Niyamas, such as non-ahimsa and, is strictly vegetarian in nature. Include an abundance of fresh fruits, wholesome sprouted grains, nuts, oils, fruit juices, milk, and cheese.

Perfect diet Plan for a Yogi:

Begin your mornings with a glass of hot water mixed with lime juice and honey.

For breakfast intake a bowl of fresh fruit salads. Include a wide variety of fruits such as apples, apricot, pomegranates etc. Or, include a bowl of cereals with a glass of milk. You can also have porridge-like oats.

Lunch should comprise a bowl of salad inclusive of sprouts, lettuce, raw carrots, and boiled beetroots. You can also add curd to the salad. Intake food rich in protein.

● For dinner, the diet should comprise green vegetables with chapatis and a light salad.

● To satisfy your hunger pangs, intake herbal drinks such as green tea, coconut water and fresh fruits in between.

● Ensure you consume your meals around the same time every day. Ideally, lunch should be around 1 pm and, dinner should be between 6-7 pm.

This amazing yogic diet is highly recommended for each yogi for maximum physical, mental and spiritual upheaval.


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