Top 5 Grooming Tips for Bald Men Style


Top 5 Grooming Tips for Bald Head Style.

According to the modern age, being bald is becoming widely accepted as beautiful and fashionable. From rock stars to normal everyday people, going bald has become a phenomenon. Due to this, it would just make sense to know how to groom a bald head.

I have compiled a list of five practical and useful tips for beginners and pros. This will give a little more insight into the important details of grooming a bald head.

  • What Kind of Razor is Better: Electric or Manual?

Generally, when you shave your head, it would be more prudent to shave with a manual shaver. Manual shavers provide the closest possible shave you can get.

An electric shaver can be used but does leave much to be desired. It will not be as close of a shave; stubble will be left over. Nevertheless, it still can be passable as all that will be left will be minimal, and with enough passes with the electric shaver could theoretically be effective.

In the end, a personal preference is what will influence one’s choice the most. However, manual wins in my “practical” book.

  • The Correct Way to Shave Your Head


First, you should wet your hair thoroughly; this will make it easier to cut. Taking a shower or shaving while in the shower would be the most effective. If possible, either have a shower mirror to use, or a personal handheld one to let you see the areas needed to be shaved.

It is prudent to apply shaving cream, when you actually begin shaving. The shaving cream will create less irritation and allow for a more complete shave.

Be careful, the one thing you do not want to do is to rush through your shave. This will only lead to nicks and cuts. The slower you go, the more hair you cut correctly, creating less irritation and less potential to miss patches of hair.

Since your scalp will no longer have the protective covering of your hair to block the sun’s rays, be sure to keep it moisturized and lathered with a lot of sun block.

Another concern is that since you no longer have hair, you no longer need to wash your head every day. This is not the case; there are still oils and dead skin that build up over the course of the day.

  • How to Prevent Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

The best way to prevent bumps or irritation is to clean your scalp. After shaving, you may experience redness and slight irritation. This can be resolved by applying alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, anti-biotic cream, or just plain old soap and water. This tactic will help to prevent infections.

While keeping up with your washing regimen, be sure to massage your scalp while taking a shower. This will help exfoliate your pores and will be immensely helpful in preventing unsightly ingrown hairs.

For a more natural approach, one can use “Tea Tree Oil”. As studied by the “American Society for Microbiology”, Tea Tree Oil has been in use for centuries due to its antibacterial and medicinal properties. This makes it perfect for helping insure your pores do not become clogged or become infected.

  • Dealing with a New Self-Image

Having a baldhead is equal parts a statement and a lifestyle. While not so immediate, there tends to be a change of how people see and interact with you.

As seen in studies such as the ones carried out in “Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance”, in which men are viewed as being manlier and more dominate when bald. The ‘ancient man’ once perceived those who were bald as great hunters that were able to survive in the wild more effectively.

In Conclusion

Choosing to go for the bald look is equally interesting and unique. The upkeep and routine needed to maintain this new image is possible to achieve. However, do not be fooled. There is definitely a need for consistency and constant care in maintaining this look. In the end, for those looking to stand out in the crowd, it is well worth it.


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