Simple Ways to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Change your life style
Change your life style

Simple Ways to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Are you under a specific weight loss plan? How do you comply with each tasks that you need to accomplish? If you are having difficulty on losing weight, well you are not alone!Most people fail their dieting or workout program simply because they start at the wrong foot and don’t know what to do once they reach their limit.But did you know that you can lose weight in the simplest ways as possible? And, you can do it in just seven days!

Yes, you can lose weight by not doing complicated tasks that don’t guarantee results.
So without further ado, here are 4 simple ways on how you can lose weight in 7 days.

Change Your Lifestyle

Change your life style
Change your life style

This is a no-brainer but most people still don’t have any ideas about the importance of bad lifestyle with regards to weight loss.
So if you want to lose weight in seven days, you need to do the following:

• Don’t eat out during your seven-day weight loss program
• Ask a friend to be your weight loss partner
• Avoid alcoholic drinks
• Maintain this lifestyle even after your seven-day weight loss program is over
So before you start, you need to make a checklist and identify each things that you are willing to adjust during your seven-day weight loss program.

Focus on Your Diet

Whether you do Mediterranean, Atkins, Zone or Paleo diet, weight loss comes first on how you manage your eating regimen.

Most diet plans will help give you the best foods for your body type in order to shed some excess weight. It is just a matter of whether you are doing it right or wrong.
With just seven days, dieting plays a crucial role if you want to lose significant amounts of pounds.

How? Well, you just need to focus more on your current diet program and be able to adjust as fast you can if you think nothing is working.

First, you need to consume more veggies, healthy fats and lean protein. Foods such as broccoli, egg whites, soy products, nuts, avocados and many others are all great foods for your diet.

Next is to cut carbs, sugars and animal fats. This include junk foods, french fries, cakes, candies, red meat and many others.

You need to know that these foods can increase your body’s fat storage hormone – insulin. So it is essential to limit your insulin levels to maintain your body’s thermogenic state (fat burning).

You also need to use natural sugars rather than artificial sugars. This is quite a no-brainer but I am still writing it for the benefit of other readers who are first time dieters.

A protein-heavy breakfast is also a good way to initiate both your diet and exercise program. Protein gives you more energy and promotes fat loss and muscle gains.

Lastly, since you need to lose weight for 7 days, creating a seven-day meal program is a must.

Exercise Daily

Exercise daily
Exercise daily

With a seven-day diet plan also comes with a seven-day exercise program.
Most exercise program requires at least 5 days of workouts per week and a two-day rest period.

But for you to be able to lose weight fast, you need to follow either light exercises daily or hard workouts every other day.

I say daily because consistency is the key to success. You don’t want to be inconsistent on your workouts because it can lead to no results, wasting all your efforts.
What you need to do is to create a workout schedule so that you can commit yourself on exercising at the same time every day.

Start by warming up with light cardio, probably a neighborhood jog or using your old treadmill will surely do the trick.

Don’t forget to stretch after your warm up cardio and at the end of your workout program. This helps your muscles to relax and prevent injuries.

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training
High Intensity Interval Training

While I might consider weight training as well, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a much ideal exercise regimen if you want to lose weight in just seven days. HIIT employs high intensity alternating intense exercises with shorter intervals of recovery or rest. This is truly a massive challenge to many especially to beginners. But HIIT is definitely the best exercise routine that you can do if you want to lose weight fast. Several HIIT programs are available online. There are even 10 and 20 minute programs designed for beginners. So if you can do high intensity interval training, then your weight loss is guaranteed.


These are the simple ways on how you can lose weight in just seven days. Following these suggestions and doing a strict HIIT program will definitely give you significant amounts of weight loss.

Perly Rodolfo is a health and fitness enthusiast, blogger and a mother of two. She spends most of her time with family and blogging about dietary supplements and online businesses. Learn more about Perly through her website at


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