How To Make Your Children Physically Active?

Biking is a simple way to do exercises
Biking is a simple way to do exercises

How To Make Your Children Physically Active?

Many years ago, it concerned parents that children would be home when streetlights were on. According to research, however, the figures for obese kids have been 15 percent due to the lack of physical activities, which increased fourfold in comparison with those in the 1960s.

The following video will give a closer look at how obesity creates adverse impact on a kid’s life


Those numbers will not stop rising, and your kids might be one of them soon, unless you, as their parents, start taking actions. Now, you want to know how to make your children physically active? The today article is definitely for you.

Benefits of Being Active

Being physically active plays a major role in becoming healthy and remaining healthy. Also, it does not only form good daily habits but also provides kids with a great opportunity to master necessary skills needed in the future.

Here are some clear advantages to children

• Reduce the risk of becoming overweight and suffering from obesity
• Build up and strengthen strong muscles and bones
• Have and maintain a good posture
• Avoid daily stress
• Generate and enhance self-confidence
• Learn, practice, and develop important life skills
• Be sociable as they can meet and make friends with others

What is an adequate frequency?

It is highly recommended that kids and teenagers should do daily energetic exercises at least 1 hour. To prevent them from quickly getting bored, exercise had better include several activities which could make them breathe hard.

Likewise, kids and young people should be encouraged to take part in physical activities 3 days per week as an absolute minimum. According to Australia’s Physical Activities and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines, they could be running, jumping, or climbing.

Lastly, those activities do not necessarily occur at one time. It will be better if they are built up day by day by going to school on foot, taking part in activities at home and at school, or participating in sports on weekends.

10 useful advice on making your kids physically active

As their parents, you can easily take up the following 10 suggestions to protect your kids from preventable diseases in the future.

Be an excellent role model for being physically active. You are their best friend, so if they see that you positively relish doing exercises, kids will be excited to join.

Be an active family. You can spend about 1 hour per day on walking around the park near your house, or simply taking the cat or dog for a walk because of great health benefits that walking could bring.

Raise their spirits in participating in sports such as playing football, or running. If you do not have enough time for organized activities, encourage them to ride a bike or scooter daily as kids also love scooters.

Cycling brings considerable benefits to cyclists. Hence, cycle to school with as much as you can.

Biking is a simple way to do exercises
Biking is a simple way to do exercises

Figure 1. Biking is a simple way to do exercises

Buy your kids gifts that require them to move around. Also, those toys and pieces of equipment will make them learn new skills.

Park away from your house, their school, or shop. Again, walk as much as possible.

Let your children try several sports to find out which one is their favorite instead of forcing them to do a particular one.

Reduce the quantity of time that your kids spend on watching televisions, playing video games, and going online by getting them involved in, again, going for a walking or doing sports.

Separate your kids from screen entertainment
Separate your kids from screen entertainment

Figure 2. Separate your kids from screen entertainment

Rome was not built in a day! A good habit could not be built up at one time. Therefore, kick off slowly and gradually get doing exercises into their daily routine.

A healthy lifestyle also requires a balanced diet. Hence, restrict foods that are highly saturated fat, salt, and sugar.

Those are 10 useful tricks of how to make your children physically active, and I hope that you enjoy and find this article helpful to you as parents. If you have other great advice, leave it in comments to share your ideas. Remember to take actions from now which will better your kids’ life in the future.



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