How to Keep Your Child Healthy During Unpredictable Weather

Getting enough sleep
Getting enough sleep

How to Keep Your Child Healthy During Unpredictable Weather

Child Healthy Tips: The constant changes in climatic condition in the Southern area and that the weather turns cold in the Northern and Middle areas are reasons why mothers should pay more attention to their child’s health.

Immunity of young children is very weak and the skin is directly exposed to the outside world so that a change in environment will let bacteria enter, causing infection and spreading throughout the body. (Recommend for 0-5 years old)

Proper Bath:

Proper bath - Keep your child healthy
Proper bath – Keep your child healthy

The children should be bathed everyday to keep their skin clean and to defend against bacteria. However, that mainly causes negative influences on the baby’s health during a change of season. The most appropriate time to shower is about 9.30 – 10.30 or 14.00 – 16.00. Avoid showering in mid-day, early morning or late afternoon since at this time it’s easy for the children to get cold.

Bath time should not last too long, just about 5 minutes from putting the child in water until getting him out of the pot to keep him warm.

Before getting into the bathroom, the mother should carefully prepare all the instruments and keep the water temperature about 30 -34 degrees C.

Choose non-irritating shower gel for children only and apply talcum powder after drying off their skin to keep their bodies dry, clean and smooth. It should be noticed that children should not be bathed too much on cold weather because it easily causes moisture loss and skin hurted by dryness.

Safe Playground

safe playgaurd - Keep your child healthy
safe playgaurd – Keep your child healthy

Children often have intention to touch toys with all the senses so that a mother should create her child a safe playground to protect his health. Toys must always be collected and stored in a separate cabinet in order to prevent the child from tripping during moving. Choose toys suitable for the child’s age with safe materials and obviously reliable origins. Avoid items which are sharp or contain wool, cotton that can cause cuts; small seeds that can cause choking; and plastic bags that can cause breathlessness.

Mothers should choose toys with soft and smooth materials which cause no damage to the child’s skin. All the toys should be cleaned following a fixed schedule, checked to repair or replace any broken parts to avoid any negative influences on the child’s health.
When taking the child outside, the mother should put sunscreen on her baby or wear him a long sleeve clothes to avoid sunlight and other environmental damages.

Choosing Soft Materials

Clothes, towers, toys and blankets made from fabric are the most familiar items which are directly exposed to skin and affect it the most. To protect the child’s health, it’s noteworthy that the mother should choose fabric made from 100% cotton because of its high absorbency. Besides, those items must usually be cleaned and dried in the sun.

Washing clothes in a proper way is also a method of children’s health protection.
Don’t mix young children’s clothes with those of adults to avoid bacterial infection. Avoid normal washing-powders and water softeners because the bleaching characteristic and strong scent can easily make the child allergic

These advises above keep your children be healthy during unpredictable weather not only when staying indoors but also when having outside activities, such as going camping

Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep - Keep your child healthy
Getting enough sleep – Keep your child healthy

Young children have weakened immune systems compared to adults; therefore, parents should not let young children’s body be tired, which makes babies be at risk from sleep deprivation and negative emotions.

Especially, in the current climate of change, weather is easy to turn cold quickly and suddenly so parents should adjust and set air-conditioner properly. Parents remember to keep babies warm enough and avoid using hot wash-cloth, hot compresses or hot ice that are easy to make babies get burned.

There are numerous health benefits if babies get adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep helps to develop children’ brain and keep children’ mind alert and calm. And when babies get a good sleep, it also boosts babies’ immune systems and their mood.

Providing Adequate Nutrients

Providing adequate nutrient - Keep your child healthy
Providing adequate nutrient – Keep your child healthy

Parents should make sure that meals for young children are cooked and drink is boiled. Indeed, a balanced diet help babies gain the vitamins and minerals which help them to fight infections. In other words, parents should not feed rotten foods or fruits to babies and avoid feeding babies with the raw or uncooked foods such as raw vegetables and unripe fruits. Besides, young children should drink mineral water enough because water keeps babies’ skin retain moisture.

Personal Hygiene

Make sure that young children wash regularly to ensure personal hygiene. For example, washing babies’ hands after playing and before eating. And parents should wear masks for babies when babies go out. Besides, parents remember to use eye drops and nasal drops for young children in a daily life (several times a day). In addition, moms and dads should keep environment around babies clean, airy and well-lit. Especially, parents should keep babies away the crowded places as far as possible because exposure to many people poses risk to be transmit common diseases such as flu, cough or fever to young children.

I hope that all information mentioned above will help your baby with optimum immunity and keep baby away from common diseases in current climate change.

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