How to Improve Senior Aide Program And Increase Productivity

Senior aid program - 1
Senior aid program - 1

How to Improve Senior Aide Program And Increase Productivity

As people reached their adult age, some seniors find difficulties in facing their present situation where the retirement income cannot meet all their expenses. They may not have the capability to afford both medications and rent. And, when the time comes that they get sick, they end up using the majority of their savings for the medical expenses. Older adults with health problems or limited savings and experience may find difficulties getting the perfect job for them with today’s tough competition.

Good thing, different agencies offer Senior Aide Program for low-income individuals aging 55 years and above. These older adults are qualified to work with both public and private sectors. Senior Aide Program is a great help for these individuals during the building of resume, job searching and job replacement. That way, seniors are not limited in receiving income; instead they have the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose and community.

Seniors are free to work part-time in both government organization and social service agencies while obtaining significant skills for the unsubsidized employment. Men and women who are 55 years of age and older who have met the qualifications and guidelines can enroll in the Senior Aide Program with different job classifications, including clerical assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers, data entry clerks, nutrition assistants, child and adult day care assistants, custodians and more. Seniors are provided with part-time community service job for different agencies and organizations while they have the freedom to continue searching for employment outside the program.

Senior Aide Program gives a great opportunity for the seniors to earn while learning. Participants of the program can learn new talents and skills; enhance their existing skills by means of the essential working experience and other training programs in becoming competitive with today’s tough and competitive workplace. Also, formal and informal trainings are given to the community service job assignment as well classroom training, development or even combination of two. Some organizations with supportive services can provide full financial assistance, including wages, worker’s compensation, state-mandated fringe benefits and general liability.

With the existence of Senior Aide Program, seniors can now have the ability to support their daily expenses and become more financially independent. But, in order to let seniors enjoy the benefits of this program evenly, there are some improvements that have to be implemented.

Best Ways to Improve Senior Aide Program

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By making the right decision in investing to the improvements of Senior Aide Program has been quite challenging yet fulfilling to the part of employers or organization. In improving or enhancing the effectiveness of the program, there must be a full effort for learning and training programs. To make this improvement possible, the agencies or organizations have to take advantage of the following:

• Ignite the organization’s or agency’s passion to coach the senior employees

The heads of the department where the seniors are working to are those who are passing skills, knowledge and insights by means of mentoring and coaching. But, in a more competitive and complex workplace, their role needs to be ignite in order to influence the improvement of Senior Aide Program. They are the responsible one in coaching or mentoring the seniors, so the organization has to support or incentivize the heads to perform this task effectively.

• Teach the seniors to own their senior career assignment

Since highly structured training and learning programs do not work anymore, the seniors have to learn on how they are going to self-direct, own and control their learning in order for them to get the best benefits of the program. But, they do not have the ability to do it by themselves. Their development and growth has a great impact in the improvement of Senior Aide Program where they will be able to innovate and be more productive.

• Deal with short-life development and learning needs

The skills and knowledge that an individual gained will be more valuable over time. But, with regards to seniors, skills and knowledge become more reachable with months because of the program. So, this will require for a rapid learning and most especially, the organization need to rediscover how development and learning can successfully happen once in a while to be more continuous.

• Provide seniors with flexible learning options
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By informing the senior employees that they have to engage into more development and learning activities can leave an overwhelming feeling. And, the organization has to effectively respond through adopting possible solutions to make improvement opportunities be more readily accessible for the seniors.

• Build trust for organizational leadership

Seniors may require openness, transparency and honesty from the organization. The organization should not refuse or disengage their shares or ideas to the ongoing training and learning programs so that they will be able to enthusiastically pursue their sense of purpose. The organization has to show that they are quite active in pursuing the learning and career improvement.

• Match career options according to the senior’s skills, knowledge, experience and learning styles
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The organization must rediscover and restructure the means in getting seniors in the program with regards to their abilities. The job position should match the senior’s styles, expectations and preferences. Also, the organization need to provide technology for the seniors based on their skills and knowledge.

Increasing Productivity Through Well-Improved Senior Aide Program

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• Choose the Right Tool and Environment – By providing the seniors with appropriate working environment, there will be an expected improvement into their performances together with the right tools. They will feel comfortable and free in performing their tasks.

• Use Flexible Working Arrangements – Older people might be more interested with different working arrangement and lifestyle. They are more suitable for part-time, so the organizations need to create more flexible career assignments.

• Avoid Notions that Seniors Cannot Learn – Seniors have the capability to learn new skills and approaches, but they acquire these using their own learning style. Meaning, the capacity and value for education and training can never be reduced by age.

Senior Aide Program is a great opportunity for the older people to continue their productivity and learning process. And, improvement in the program is quite important to make everything be possible.

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