How to Attract a Girl or Women: A Complete Guide to Win Her LOVE!!!

How to Attract a Girl or Women: A Complete Guide to Win Her LOVE!!!
How to Attract a Girl or Women: A Complete Guide to Win Her LOVE!!!

A Complete Guide: How To Attract a GIRLS or WOMEN and Win her LOVE the Right Way.

Do you meet the girl of your dreams but don’t know how to get her? Our advice on how to woo a Russian woman will help you win her heart and build a happy relationship.

Rule number 1: Be an Attentive Interlocutor

Be an attentive listener and this will help understand what a girl likes. It is easier to understand each other and communicate, knowing about new successes, hobbies or difficulties. Try to listen without interrupting or trying to give advice immediately. If a topic seems boring to you, ask questions in order to turn her story into something interesting to both of you. Your attention will add confidence, give a sense of reliability.

Rule number 2: You should have your own Life

Smart and self-sufficient girls don’t need dumb admirers and boys who will just give bouquets and say endless compliments, write 100 messages per day and annoy with calls. You have to have your own life. Try to diversify it as much as possible. It may be a gym, training, books, foreign languages, exhibitions – anything that you like. Thus, you immediately make the impression of an ambitious and self-sufficient man. In general, she will appreciate it, and you will have an interesting life and a girl will definitely like it.

Rule number 3: Never show disrespect to a woman, especially if you are interested in Her

Each girl has a choice: to communicate with you or not. She has the full right to refuse you. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, then you are not interesting for her. If she says that she doesn’t get acquainted on the street, don’t tell her that she’s a fool and doesn’t know what a guy she loses. Don’t be rude to a girl, no matter under what circumstances. Any woman doesn’t need a man who tried to get acquainted with her and then showed his disrespect.

Rule number 4: Make Compliments

Women love with their ears – this all known truth will help you answer the question of how to woo a Russian girl. Any representative of the fair sex will be pleased with the sincere admiration of a man. Try not to make Casanova’s impressions and avoid compliments with the doubtful meaning. Tell her what you like about her, for example, her professional qualities, her culinary skills, her way of dressing, or just tell how much you are happy to see her today.

Rule number 5: Be a Gentleman

You have to show good manners. What could be easier than such an attention as holding the door, helping put a coat on or opening the door of a car? Each girl dreams of a real prince. And princes, as a rule, know about good manners.

Rule number 6: Take care of your Appearance

Yes! What did you want? You want a well-groomed, smart, beautiful girl will pay attention to you, when you, in turn, don’t make any effort? It doesn’t happen that way, friend. You must meet your own needs and then you will have the same girls. You should care of yourself – do sports, visit a hairdresser, dentist, etc. Yes, these are so basic things that it’s even funny to talk about them, but, unfortunately, many men forget about this and think that they are already incredibly handsome. You must dress stylishly and appropriately. For example, if you go to a restaurant, then forget about the sneakers, and vice versa, going to the cinema strict suit will look quite ridiculous.

Rule number 7: Seduce Her

Seduction is a favorite women’s game. When a man seduces a woman, she tries to seem so inaccessible. Believe me, you both will get pleasure from this process and the final and the result of this will pleasantly surprise you. Any woman really wants to be seduced, but she never admits anyone for anything in this life. The main thing is to do it neatly and gentle.


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