plastic surgery
plastic surgery

How Plastic Surgery Changed

People who seek plastic surgery most often look to enhance their physical appearance in some way. Whether they achieve this through rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or something else, more often than not their goal is achieving the ideal version of beauty that is constantly changing. For this reason, plastic surgery is a constantly evolving industry. Not all changes in the industry rely upon rapidly changing beauty preferences.Here are some of the recent changes in plastic surgery.

Since the year 2014, demand for breast implants has not decreased, but size of those implants has. The average person seeking breast augmentation has preferred small implants with a more modest and natural outcome over larger implants. This goes to show that in the eyes of many women nowadays, bigger is not always best. Many women are focused on shape and positioning with slight size increases over simple size increases in recent years.

plastic surgery body
plastic surgery body

Today’s lip ideal is the plumpest of pouts. Lip injection requests have skyrocketed since the year 2015, most likely due to stars like Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie showing off their plump pouts.

Everyone loves a chiseled jawline, which is probably where the sudden jump in chin and jaw area improvements originated. A great chin and jaw area balances out the face, helping with symmetry. It also tightens features, leaving a more youthful appearance in its wake. Many patients opt for an even more youthful outcome by requesting necklift surgery and submental liposuction. Nonsurgical options for chin and jaw improvement are also on the rise, following the medical advancements that make plastic surgery less invasive.

plastic surgery face
plastic surgery face

Medical advancements have also made plastic surgery less invasive and more accessible.
In recent years, microsurgery procedures have become normal and common, but the technology is relatively new. These micro-surgical procedures are the answer to those searching for surgeries that do not leave large scars. Tiny devices are used to make small incisions that leave little too no scarring. Many surgeries dealing with excess skin are performed using this technique.

In years past, tissue implants had the potential to reject a person’s skin. Technological advancements in tissue engineering have almost eliminated this issue. This means that taking skin grafts from one area and grafting it to another is not necessary in all procedures. Tissue can now be created using materials made of silicone, as surgeons are more aware of cellular reaction to external stimuli. The knowledge of how cells respond makes it possible to manipulated tissue so that it will take to the skin it is being grafted to. Acids like polyglycolic and poly-L-lactic make cartilage and bone engineering another possibility. 3D printers that actually print tissue for plastic surgery procedures have been created, which is a phenomenal advancement for plastic surgery. This 3D printing technology is still young and extremely expensive, so it is not widely used. However, as it advances, it will become more accessible and may even become a common part of the plastic surgery process.

The plastic surgery industry is one likely to never stop changing. Doctors are constantly working to better their technology, and the ideal version of beauty changes in some way each day. Plastic surgery has made many positive changes in recent years, and we hope for more positive changes in the future.

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