How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss

How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss
How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss

How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss ?

Almost all the men and women in the world are concerned about the way their body looks. People want to look charming and appealing to others. The shape of your body also affects your personality and self-confidence. Therefore men and women try different diets and exercises to bring themselves in the desired shape.

However in some cases, no matter how hard they try, the stubborn fat deposits in the body refuse to melt down. This is especially the case with the people who inherit a bulky body. In such cases, Liposuction is the best technique to deal with this issue.

Liposuction is a surgical treatment that helps to slim and reshape specific areas of the body by getting rid of the extra fat deposits from those areas. The surgical technique is being used from decades and has greatly affected millions of people worldwide.

What is Liposuction ?

Liposuction known by several other names like lipoplasty, liposculpture suction lipectomy or simply lipo can remove a specific amount of fat from patients’ bodies bearing great results. Therefore in order to contour and shape specific areas of body, liposuction is considered the safest and most successful surgical procedure.

How Liposuction work?

In most cases Liposuction contours your body in a way that it causes the appearance of weight loss much greater than the actual amount of fat removed. Nevertheless there are certain areas of body where liposuction shows much greater and visible results as compared to other parts of the body. People come to liposuction clinics like the renowned center for breast reduction in Atlanta, the Crispin Plastic Surgery, with several kinds of requirements. Dr. Mark Crispin guides each of his patients about what is right for them so they can have a complete experience.

Before you decide to go to the clinic, there are some things about liposuction you need to know.

The most effective areas of body for Liposuction are –

1. Abdomen: More than sixty percent of patients who come for liposuction are interested in contouring of the abdomen or the tummy; including both the upper and lower part of the abdomen. It is a well-known fact that your stomach is naturally programmed to store fat deposits. These fat deposits, when on one hand can help us to survive days with little or no food, can also be very stubborn if one wants to get rid of them.

How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss
How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss

Moreover, the factors of childbirth (in women) and age (in both men and women) worsen the situation of fat deposits on tummy. No matter how cool your job is, or how expensive is the dress you are wearing, the bulge of fat on abdomen kills your personality in an instant. Getting a liposuction treatment on the abdomen area flattens the belly out giving you an overall smart and attractive look.

2. Waist: The second most demanded part of body for liposuction is the waist. This is the specific part on the sides of the body between the ribs and the hip. These bulges, also sometimes called as the “flanks” or “muffin top” are big time fat-magnets. Getting a liposuction treatment on this part of the body is one the places where the weight loss or body contour looks very evident.

How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss
How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss

3. Thighs: The getting fat surgically removed from the thighs is yet another popular target area among men and women. Especially in case of women, heavier thighs are either a result of childbirth, growing age and in most cases genetic inheritance from family. In all these three cases, no diet or exercise proves futile. Heavy thighs give out a disproportionate figure to your body so liposuction aims to work on outer thighs in combination with inferior lateral buttock and the upper posterior thigh.

In this area combined with the outer thighs, hips are often worked out as well for ultimate results. The inner thigh liposuction treatment can greatly improve the silhouette of the thigh.

How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss
How Liposuction Treatment Works for Fat Loss

Precautions: Some other parts of body can also be contoured with the help of liposuction, however, it is important to remember that the surgeon does not overdo liposuction. The “over liposuction” is the outer and inner thigh. Doing so may result in contouring deformities, creating lumpiness and irregularity of shape. Also, there are some small side effects of liposuction too. Although these side effects are medically minor and are greatly treatable, even so they can be uncomfortable, annoying, or even painful in some cases.

Liposuction surgical treatment, no matter how effective, should not be taken as a supplement for healthy diet and exercise. Experts are of the opinion that to get the best results from liposuction, patients should already be close to their ideal weight. It is important to be reminded that liposuction is just a surgical treatment and is not the ultimate solution for obesity.

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