HEALTHY FOOD – Melting Nuetella And Substituting Fortina Cheese


HEALTHY FOOD – Melting Nuetella And Substituting Fortina Cheese

Besides observing the basic tradition of a balanced diet(proper quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins) in meals, foods should also be healthy and organic, in that they should be in their most natural state or with minimal processing and free of high sugar, salt or fat contents.

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One can find such foods in organic sections of supermarkets or health food stores. In addition, since dietary requirements of people vary, such sections have a variety of classification of foods to offer from natural foods, whole foods, dietary supplements to vegetarian foods.

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Some of the foods termed as healthy by various health agencies include broccoli sprouts, eggplant, herbal extracts and herbal teas, natural bee honey, molasses, corn flakes, Graham’s bread, meat analogs, fish oil as well as olive oil. However, the list could be non-exhaustible.

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Besides that, let’s take a close look at two food practices:

+ How to melt Nutella
+ Substituting fontina cheese

1.How to Melt Nutella


From among the many highly ranked mouthwatering and delicious foods, chocolate stands out. Actually, whenever the word chocolate is uttered, our taste buds come to life!
Why melt Nutella?

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Besides it’s greatly adored flavor and popularity, Nutella is too thick and too solid to use as a dip or decoration. Furthermore, it spreads unevenly on bread or other foods in this state.
One of the most common but unrecommended ways of melting Nutella is using a microwave. It’s important to note that besides microwaving being harmful to your health, it also damages the integrity of the spread after cooling is allowed.

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However, Nutella can be melted easily using simple and recommended methods as explained below:

a) Using a spoon, stir your jar of Nutella until heat resulting from friction causes melting. Once melting occurs feel free to enjoy. However, this is a time-consuming method.

Melting Nutella
Melting Nutella

b) Using a hot bath- Set out a large container and place a covering lid underneath to protect the underlying surface from heat. Place Nutella into a smaller container. Place the small container of Nutella in the larger container then pour in boiling water into the larger container. Ensure the Nutella does not come into contact with the hot water. Wait until the Nutella melts by stirring frequently. After melting, remove the small container from the water.
This method is gentle and will neither result in food overheat nor hot spots.

c) Using a hot knife, spread Nutella over the desired surface. As you spread, your Nutella melts gradually making spreading easier.

Microwaving Nutella

Besides this method being harmful, it’s most preferred.

a) Stir your jar of Nutella with a spoon for a while until friction starts melting the spread.
b) Place the jar of Nutella in a microwave and heat it for 15-25 seconds.
c) After withdrawing it from the microwave, stir it again to distribute the heat evenly.
NB: You can improvise any melting method depending on the tools at your disposal.

2.Substituting Fontina Cheese.

Fontina cheese
Fontina cheese

Fontina cheese is a cheese product of cow’s milk that hails from Aosta Valley, Italy. It’s perfect for sauces, pizzas and toasty sandwiches. It is creamy and nutty with a tart taste. The cheese imparts immensely to the food it’s added to. Fontina cheese may be substituted depending on one’s preference and ingredients at their disposal. Different varieties of cheese can be substituted with each other depending on their taste, texture, flavor as well as aroma.

Why Substitute Fontina Cheese.

Fontina cheese is substituted for a number of reason as shown below:

a) Unavailability of the cheese in most areas may result in people looking for alternatives.
b) The cheese is high on calories in terms of nutritional values which may make people opt for alternatives.
c) Its smell may lead to consideration of alternatives. The smell is said to intensify as one age.

Fontina cheese has the following substitutes:

a) Gruyére

Gruyére cheese
Gruyére cheese

This substitute hails from Gruyére Village, Switzerland. It compliments some types of soups, sandwiches, pasta as well as macaroni. It is manufactured from cow’s milk that is raw and unpasteurized. In addition, it has a yellow color. It’s similar to fontina in terms of density in texture and nutty taste.

b) Mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese
Mozzarella cheese

This substitute can be used in the shredded, smoked or grated form.
It is used in meat, salads, pizzas and lasagna. Mozzarella is Italian and is made from milk obtained from water buffaloes or cows. In addition, it’s costly.

c) Provolone


In many cases, it’s used in pasta and soups. It may also opt for use in salad dressings. It’s light yellow in color and one of the most delicious Italian cheese. Besides that, it comes in different shapes while it’s hardness determines whether it’s to be cooked or just grated.

d) Parmesan

This fontina cheese substitute is commonly used in spaghetti, salads, sandwiches, steamed vegetables, pasta, and pizzas. It can be grated over soups and risottos besides it serving as a snack. It has low Sodium content. In addition, it’s Italian and hard in nature. Parmesan is thick, dense and nutty making it a preferred substitute.
Other examples of fontina cheese substitutes include Appenzeller and Emmental, both Swiss cheese, Cheddar, an English cheese, Havarti, a cheese from Denmark as well as Edam, a Netherlands cheese.
In conclusion, the list is long and it’s good to research well for information on whichever substitute you intend to use. Otherwise, eat healthily!

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