Dirtiest Places Your Kid Visits Everyday: That You Never Thought Of

school lockers
school lockers

Dirtiest Places Your Kid Visits Everyday: That You Never Thought Of

With kids, germs are always a concern. Sometimes it’s obvious where your child is picking up viruses- that classmate who is sick yet still went to school and sneezed on your child for example. Other times it can happen seemingly out of nowhere. If you’re doing a spring-cleaning soon or have had enough with all the germs, here are some specific places you can clean that are notorious for housing germs. This short list has places from school, like school lockers, to bathroom items like your child’s toothbrush.

The School Locker

First of all, the school environment in general is a bed of germs, but since you can’t go around cleaning the entire school we suggest at least making sure the place your child visits frequently is cleaned regularly: their school locker. You may think it’s a closed space and no one else goes in there so there are not a ton of germs, but you’d be wrong. It’s not other people going in that brings in the germs, it’s all the random items your child puts in his locker that makes it a germ breeding ground.

Coffee Table

Sure, it looks clean, but it collects a lot of dust, dirt and debris on it over the course of even just a day. That’s why you should take the 10 seconds and wipe it down every day. Your coffee table is especially germ laden with kids in your home because chances are it’s one of the table surfaces they use a lot whether it be eating a snack, watching TV and kicking up their feet, your child is bound to put more germs on it than you think.

The Computer

Your child’s computer, specifically the keyboard, is a germ heaven. Imagine, after touching everything at school, they come home and type away on the computer – how can the keyboard not hold a ton of germs?

Their Own Toothbrush

Your child uses this twice a day but chances are you don’t really think about it being germ laden do you? Germs and bacteria thrive in moist environments and guess what – that’s exactly how most toothbrushes are stored! The best way to make sure your child’s (and your) toothbrush have fewer germs is to store them somewhere they can air out.


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