How much money
How much money

Danihealthbook Quiz: How Much Money is in the Picture & $5 Reward


Danihealthbook is dedicated to improve your daily health condition and improved health conditions by publishing various articles on different health issues.

Now, it is offering our readers to be part of danhealthbook consistent reader and will be rewarding them by answering them for quiz.

Question 1: How much Money is in the following picture ?


You need to type your answer for above question in comment box, (located bottom of this article) and you will get $5 amazon online gift coupon code as a reward if your answer will be correct.

Conditions: Only correct answer will be rewarded. And the reward would be emailed to only those two persons whoever type the correct two answer in the comment box first.


Welcome to Day Night Health Book Blog. The blog created and first launched on January 06, 2015.


Day Night Health Book blog publishes wide – range of Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Wellness, Remedies, Science, Health and Fitness gadgets & Equipment, Beauty tips, Food, Outdoor and Fashion related topics. It also publishes good tips on home, recipes, cooking and gardening and much more.


To establish natural health of people Day-Night Health Book ( website is created and launched. This website seeks, readers to inform, motivate and keep in power so that they can take action and make positive changes in everyone lives. This website allows readers to connect them to a wealth of improving health ideas, resources and social community.


Our body is made up of five elements called (in Sanskrit) “panch mahabhuta” or “panch tattva”. Those five elements are Water, Air, Sky, Fire and Earth. If any one element unbalanced in our body we start getting sick. We can balance all the five elements by natural resources to remain healthy all the time.


To make a network of people to the resources they need to improve their day and night health naturally.

Thank you again for visiting !


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