You Can’t Embrace Your Inner Warrior Until You Let Go of Being a Victim

Inner warrior
Inner warrior

You Can’t Embrace Your Inner Warrior Until You Let Go of Being a Victim

The average person feels victimized by something in their fitness journey. They are cursed by fat genes that their family passed down to them. They lack the money they think they need to buy healthy food. They can’t afford a gym membership. They don’t have support from the people in their life. They can’t find time to be healthy. You can probably relate to one of these.

When you are ready to shed your victim skin and become a warrior in your life, it will be a process. It won’t be something that is done in a week or two. It will simply take as long as it takes. But, once you embrace your warrior, you will find so many more opportunities to be fit and healthy and you will feel like you deserve to take advantage of them. You will be excited to take advantage of them.

Fitness Is an Important Component of Healthcare

It can be hard to determine whether or not you are fit, especially when your mind is clouded by thoughts of victim hood. Whether you are will depend on your family history, your age, your exercise routines, your overall health, and your eating habits. So, a middle-aged person with a healthy diet and regular exercise could still be deemed to lack fitness if their overall health were compromised by an opiate abuse, for example. Going to rehabilitation centers with healthy diet and exercise is the type of opiate addiction treatment that is most effective.

Physical activity benefits health in multiple ways. It:

• Boosts levels of energy
• Helps to control your weight
• Increases your overall muscle tone
• Helps to improve cholesterol levels
• Helps relieve tension and manage stress
• Helps to prevent bone loss
• Helps to control high blood pressure

You Must Let Go

As a human being, you feel pain, and you feel it on a deep, lasting level. But, even in those moments of pain, you have the power to decide what you will do with it. You bear the responsibility for how you experience life and the world.

When pain comes into your life, you will feel like you need to hold on. You will want to wallow in it, to wash yourself in the martyrdom. But, you don’t learn from holding tight, you learn from letting go.

When you decide you are a victim, you not only feel pain, you invite it. You attach to that identity and you cannot let it go. When you do, you will begin moving through the pain, but you won’t feel that you have an identity.

You Must Embrace Your Inner Warrior

When you embrace your victim identity, you give away your power. When you do this, you cannot be a warrior in your life; you can’t take action. But, your fate is controlled by you.

• Victims are powerless. Warriors are powerful.
• Victims are reactive. Warriors act.
• Victims feel disorganized and rudderless; Warriors Have purpose and clarity.
• Victims are blind to everything but their pain. Warriors see opportunities and use valuable perspective.

You Must Believe You Have the Power to Be Successful

Rather than getting trapped in a victim’s mindset and believing you will never find the time or energy to be active, become a warrior. Let go of all the obstacles you have allowed yourself to be blocked by and start looking at your world as it is.

Don’t get caught up in regrets about the past or anxiety about the future. Start exercising. Give yourself time to get better, to be more of a warrior, and you will grow more powerful every day. You will learn to occupy a space of perspective and power when you begin to detach from your victim identity and every time you make more time for fitness, that will increase a little more.

Krizzia Laspiñas is an expert health blogger specializing in addictive behaviors as alcohol addiction, gambling, and opiate addiction. You can visit her official website at:


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