Box Pillows: How to Choose and Take Care for !


Box Pillows: How to Choose for and Take Care of It !

How to Choose a Good Pillow

With all the many kinds and brands of pillows around, it’s not surprising that most of us find it difficult to choose a high quality one. If it’s your first time to get box pillows online, you ought to read a few online evaluations first to know which brands are reliable. Luxura is actually a reputable company that’s known for producing high quality and long lasting pillows and cushions. Check out Luxura’s website to learn more about their products and your great deal of options.


Do You Take Good Care of Your Box Pillows?

We all love good bed pillows and box pillows! It’s no wonder why many of us are certainly not afraid to spend money simply to get comfortable and durable pillows. But while it’s a wise choice to invest in top quality pillows from brands like Luxura, it’s still really important that you understand how to care for your pillows. That’s what you’re going to learn on this page.

How You Can Wash Your Box Edge Pillow

Ideally, you ought to wash your pillows at least twice a year. You can determine if your pillow is machine-washable by reading its care label. Whether you own a down or synthetic pillow, you need to make sure that it’s safe to machine-wash it. For the quality of a box pillow insert to become preserved, it should be washed with a mild detergent. It’s also smart to use a liquid detergent because unlike a powder detergent, it simply leaves no residue. Cleaning pillows in couples is also suggested to maintain the balance of the washing machine. Run your pillows through the rinse cycle two times to rinse off your pillows thoroughly.


Drying out Your Box Pillows

If you have feather and down pillows, the best way to dry them is by using the air cycle. Your box edge pillow must be perfectly dried up because when there’s dampness left in your pillow, this can lead to the formation of molds. Before you use your pillows again, check out if they are entirely dry already. Meanwhile, if you’re using synthetic pillows, dry them in a lower heating setting to prevent your pillow from clumping. To dry out your pillows quicker, you can also put a thoroughly clean dry bath towel in the clothes dryer to absorb the moisture out of the pillows. To keep your pillows soft and fluffy, it’s the best thing to place a couple of tennis balls wrapped in thoroughly clean socks in the dryer.

Airing Out Box Pillows

To make your box pillow fresh and germ-free, hang it over a clothesline outside to air it out. Make sure you don’t leave your pillows exposed right to sunlight for some time because this might cause the wear and tear of their natural fibers. To eliminate the stains on the box pillow insert, make use of a mild soap for spot-cleaning.

Pillow Protection

Apart from a pillowcase, you should use a protective pillow cover for your down pillows. Protective pillow covers will guard your box pillow insert against humidity, dust particles, and body oils. These covers may also keep the form of down pillows. It’s recommended also that you wash your pillow covers and pillowcases at least one time a week to ensure they are clean.


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