5 Simple Reasons You Need Better Sleep

Healthy Sleep
Healthy Sleep

5 Simple Reasons You Need Better Sleep

Are you a little under the weather? Do you get exhausted too quickly during the day? Is your work performance not so great? If your answer is yes, then you probably have some sleep issues. There are a lot of consequences for lack of sleep, especially for your health and performance. What more is that it also affects others around you.

Better Sleep
better sleep

The following are reasons why you should get better sleep. Hopefully, it motivates you to take that step to improving your sleep quality.

Sleep can Make You Wiser

If you’re thinking clear, then it certainly lets you make better decisions, right? So sleep makes you smarter. When you have a sufficient sleep, you’ll also be able to learn new things, focus, and remember better. That’s probably why people tell you to “sleep on it” before any major decisions.

Sleep Keeps You from Breaking Out

If you have any existing skin condition, lack of sleep can make it worst. The body responds to the lack of sleep by increasing inflammatory response, which manifests through breakouts, increased skin sensitivity and break down of collagen. When you sleep, the body resets and recovers moisture, giving your skin a healthy water balance. So when you lack sleep, it accelerates the aging process and causes premature wrinkles.

Sleep Improves the Way You Perform During the Day

As mentioned earlier, sufficient sleep significantly affects our thinking and focus. This results in better performance during the day. Adequate sleep lowers the risk of accidents, especially vehicular accidents. You will also be able to have the energy to do physical activities and have more room for creativity.

Sleep Makes the Body Healthier

Insufficient sleep increases the risk for some health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Sleep helps keep a balance of your hormones, including the ones that affect your appetite. That’s why people who sleep well have more control of their body weight.
Sleep also improves your stress levels, thus preventing an increase in your blood pressure. When your blood pressure is at healthy levels, you are preventing other cardiovascular problems.

Sleep Makes You Happy

Have you ever noticed how fussy and irritable people are when they lack sleep? It’s not hard to miss. Individuals who have a better sleep have better moods and are more happy, productive, and positive.

How to get better sleep

Cosy Bed
Cosy Bed

● As much as possible, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Eventually, your body will be your clock, and there won’t be a need for alarms.

● Avoid caffeine late in the afternoon so that you won’t have a hard time going to bed at night. You should also avoid food being full or hungry so close to bedtime.

● Switch everything off. Nowadays, what keeps people up is their phones and the internet. You’ll end up scrolling through timelines and reading weird articles in the night, robbing you of quality sleep. If the room lights are off, but your phone lights are on, it will still somehow be distracting.

● Make your room conducive to sleep. This includes your bed, pillows, sheets, lighting, and temperature. Also, ideally it should be quiet. If possible, try to contain the whole household in the routine. That way, when you’re asleep, everyone else is too, so no one should be making unnecessary noise.

● Make sure you are comfortable. Mattress and pillow should be firm enough to support you to prevent any body aches. There are many kinds of materials out there, each with different sets of pros and cons. Some types of foam are recommended for certain sleep positions or body conditions. For instance, a memory foam pillow is ideal for sleepers with neck injuries because it offers great support.

● A nice hot shower can help you fall asleep. However, don’t take one too close to bedtime, or else you’ll feel too warm. Allow your body some time to cool down.


Sufficient sleep is essential for better health and quality life. The effects of insufficient sleep may not be apparent right away, but sooner than later, it will begin to manifest. If you’re feeling terrible, unhappy, and often too tired, reevaluate your sleep pattern. Then take the necessary steps to improve it right away.


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