5 Leading Health Spas in India To Rejuvenate


5 Leading Health Spas in India To Rejuvenate

To ‘rejuvenate’ and to ‘detoxify’ are the buzzwords of tourism today. And it is fairly easy to predict that, thanks to the hectic, sedentary schedules of most people that leave them aged well before their time comes. Indeed, going to a specific destination is always amazing, the beautiful nature vistas all around…wouldn’t it be great to have nature all around you even when you return to your hotel? That, dear readers, are where health spas come in. So why wait? We bet even you are on the lookout for a destination in India that leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed for your next vacation. And spas are the next big thing in India. With beautiful visuals and innovative treatment programs, they are just what you need. Here are India’s top 5 health spas to suit your purpose:

1. The Himalayan, Manali

Manali is in itself a tourist destination that is a natural beauty lover’s paradise. And when a spa is located in such a place, it is bound to be a delight. This spa promises spectacular views from high above the hills in Manali, and for health and rejuvenation purposes, it has world class accommodation, and a variety of treatments and therapies to help your health.

2. The Terraces, Kanatal

This spa is also set very high up above in terms of altitude – but amid forests instead of hills! It is surrounded by indigenous, beautiful plant species. It also has luxury suite rooms and cuisine in styles from all over the world. It also has classic spa treatments like exfoliating wraps, and therapy to cleanse you from within, including saunas and Jacuzzis that are separate for men and women. The surrounding plant species like Rhododendron are rare and beautiful, and this spa also provides an enchanting front garden, mineral baths, and tranquil surroundings. There are Thai treatments you can resort to, and there are aromatic oil therapies to pick and choose from as well.

3. Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, Gulmarg

This spa is an absolute beauty to look at in itself, like a small cottage at Christmas in Switzerland. But it is as high on utility as it is on beauty. It is located at the campus of one of the largest ski resorts in India, and has luxuries like lounges and cigar rooms, including a unique theatre. Moreover, the treatments for rejuvenation that it has to offer come in styles from all over the world, from Hawaiian to the Japanese Shiatsu.

4. The Leela’s Espa Spa, Udaipur

Udaipur is one of India’s premier tourist destinations, and is one of the destinations in India offering world class hospitality, therefore a spa there is an experience like no other. This spa, overlooking the breathtaking Lake Pichola, has luxury rooms, gardens with lights and high walls, world class rejuvenation treatments and therapies, and private ‘spa tents’, where you can choose to indulge yourself. This is a popular honeymoon resort.

5. Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa

This is a high end spa at Delhi, the national capital. It has been in the news for winning multiple awards for spa services by nominations both in India and abroad. It offers exhaustive treatment for every part of your body, from face to torso to foot, including heat and aroma therapies. It has masseuses brought in from Thailand and North East India, and has included private and couple rooms with sauna and Jacuzzi, for which it has received immense praise. A must visit when in Delhi, this spa is.

Far away from the madding crowd, offices and computers and deadlines, you will find peace in these health spas. Do not hesitate to spend time and money on an experience involving therapy, yoga, nature and wholesome food, because you will understand the value of it when you get home and back to schedule. When someone asks you the secret of your sudden fresh spell after vacations, you will know what the answer is!

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