5 Easy Tricks To Tame Frizzy Hair Overnight

Frizzy Hairs
Frizzy Hairs

5 Easy Tricks To Tame Frizzy Hair Overnight

Women are conscious about their look, but they are more conscious about their hair. They want to try everyday a new hairstyle that lifts up the look of their personality. What they don’t like about their physical appearance is their frizzy, bushy or wavy hair. It kinds of ruining the look and making women confuse.

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So ladies, here are few solutions to your frizzy hair. You may get shock to know that I am talking about taming frizzy hair OVERNIGHT.

Yes, you read that correct. Your dream is actually come true.

Following are the tricks that you can use to tame your frizzy hair overnight.

Trick 1

The first thing you have to do after washing your hair, make sure it is 60 to 70 percent dry. Now you’re ready to set your hair and retire for the night. Put your hair up in a high bun and make sure to secure it with hair tie. The purpose of doing this will ensure that hair dries in a place and keeps your hair from high frizziness.

In the morning, just untie the knot/bun and let your hair fall down. If you have wavy shapes of hair you can make a pony tail and heads out. Just spray a little on your locks and there you go.

Trick 2

Another splendid way of taming your frizzy hair is braiding your hair. It ensures that you have beautiful curl beachy waves. It depends upon the size of braiding those small or large waves you get.

For best effect, you can turn your hair into French braid, right from the scalp.

Trick 3

Take an old T-shirt, cut it into small strips. Make sections of your hair and use those strips to wrap up hair and tie at a place. Do the same with the rest of hair. Let me again remind you, your hair should be mostly dry. You can use your hair spray or moisturizer on hair except at the roots.

Once you’re done with tying the t-shirt strips, you can go to sleep. They’re quite comfortable. When you will wake up in the morning, you’ll have gorgeous frizz free hair.

Trick 4

Another trick for frizzy free hair is using rollers or curlers. Before using it you must dry your hair to 60 to 70 percent or you will regret using curls all the night.

You can use foam rollers or twisty rods. This process needs you to getting used to it. This is not for those who have sensitive scalp.

But it does not mean that it is totally a waste. No, you’ll have beautiful frizz free curls in the morning.

Trick 5

You can even straight your hair overnight. Yes, you can.
First, your hair should be damp. Second, take a fine tooth comb and remove all the knots. You need to be careful while combing your damp hair because if you pull or tug your wet hair you can damage it.

Now start grabbing thin strands of hair from the back and bring them towards the face. Wrap your hair around the head and secure them with the bobby pins. Do this until you wrapped all the hair around the head. You can wear sleeping cap, if you want to.

In the morning you will get smooth, silky and straight hair. You did this all without damaging your hair with heat. Amazing! Feel free to contact us here.


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