5 Beauty Products to Borrow from Your Boyfriend

Five Beauty Products to Borrow
Five Beauty Products to Borrow

5 Beauty Products to Borrow from Your Boyfriend

The male grooming market is fast becoming big business, in fact beauty product sales are expected to reach around $26.6 billion by the year 2020. That’s nearly a 25% increase within four years. Male products are now competing with female products for space on the shelf and include everything from hair care products, anti-ageing creams, to makeup and other beauty accessories. All the more reason to dive into your man friend’s cabinet, or even better, buy yourself a self-serving gift that he can use too.

Here are the top 5 products to borrow from the boys:

Male Makeup

Men now have their very own makeup products, designed exclusively for them. With bronzers, concealers, tinted moisturisers and anti-shine powders, men can look flawless with little effort. But most men’s makeup is designed to create a natural look, rather than the heavy made-up look common with women’s makeup. So if you want a fuss-free natural look, why not use products out of your man’s makeup kit next time.

Hand Creams

Men need to moisturize and nourish their skin too and there are a huge array of skin care products to choose from. As their hands tend to be rougher, so their hand creams are created with musky scents, amino acids, antiseptic properties, beeswax, calendula and tocotrienols. Women’s hand creams tend to be more about packaging and fragrance. So, to prevent your hands getting dry, especially in the colder weather, switch to his hand cream for effective hydration and protection from rough hands.

Shaving Balm

Borrow your man’s shaving balm and you instantly have a fantastic post-shave balm after you’ve done your legs. But it also makes a great primer under makeup, much cheaper than actual makeup primer and is just as effective.


There is no doubt that men’s disposable razors are much better than women’s. They may not have any fancy packaging but they do a better job and are often cheaper. So, next time you want sleek, smooth legs, reach for your man’s razor instead.

Hair Products

When you want a great texturized hairstyle, you sometimes have to use loads of product to get a great look that lasts. But with just a small amount of men’s hair product, your hair can look great and stay like it for the whole day or night.

Products for men seems to be all about getting the job done without any extra fuss or frills. The priority is about what the product can do, not what it looks like and its pretty packaging or powdery scents. But you don’t of course even need to have a husband or boyfriend to use these boy products. Every woman can enjoy them too, just head for the men’s aisle.


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