3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep

3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep
3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep

3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep

You already know not to drink coffee too close to bedtime. You know which food gives you natural boosts of energy and which ones can naturally put you to sleep. You’ve already made changes to your bedroom to make it better for resting and sleeping. You even follow the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended 150 hours of exercise per week to improve the regularity of your sleeping schedule. If you’ve done all of that but are still having trouble sleeping, you need to go beyond the basics. You need to tap into the mind’s potential to cradle the body to sleep; there are a couple ways to do this.

1 – Use Your Memory Palace as a Sleep Palace

Popularly known as a memorization device, the memory palace can also be highly effective at inducing relaxation and sleep. This works best when you already have an established memory palace that you’ve imagined from scratch, furnished with certain details and objects that make it highly familiar and easy to conjure up from the back of your mind. In the same way that you imagine a room in the palace filled with information that you need to memorize, you can imagine a space that gives you utmost feelings of relaxation.

Perhaps when you open the palace’s front door, you can walk outside into a peaceful garden that’s surrounded by a vast forest, a cool, gentle breeze, and a pure silence broken only by the rustling of leaves. That’s just an example. Your sleep palace can be anything that gives you feelings of comfort and safety. When you’re in bed trying to sleep, you can go to this place in your palace and stay there to relax yourself. You can also try doing relaxing activities in the sleep palace, like taking an imagined walk in the pristine woods surrounding your palace, and as you walk, every step pushes you deeper into the woods, deeper into a state of relaxation, until you fall asleep.

2 – Write a Worry

List Anxiety is the one of the biggest culprits when it comes to sleeplessness. The littlest things can turn up your anxiety just before going to bed. This includes thinking about the stuff that you need to accomplish tomorrow. The threat of forgetting about important tasks or details can contribute a lot to your anxiety, especially if you’re someone who juggles different responsibilities at work. This is how you can quell this: find a pen and some paper and write down everything you need to finish in the following day.

Take those thoughts and imprison them on a worry list. Pretend that you can’t change them now that they’re on this piece of paper. Fold it up and secure it in a place that’s safe and nearby. This list will hold on to your tasks for safekeeping until tomorrow, when you can actually do something to cross things off the list. If you take it seriously, this method can be an effective way to calm yourself down and be ready to sleep.

3 – Meditate

Meditation is about focusing on the present moment. It’s a powerful tool that can concentrate your entire mind and body’s collective will towards performing a single task. There are plenty of ways to meditate, and we leave it up to you to find and pick a method that you’re comfortable with. As long as you focus on regulating your breathing, pay attention to the present moment, and avoid thinking about anything else in the past or the future, you can actively create a deep relaxation within yourself that can be used to induce sleep. To maximize the benefits, you can meditate multiple times throughout the day and again before bedtime. Getting used to meditating will not only help you sleep easier, but can also improve the quality of your sleep.

3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep
3 Advanced Ways to Hack Your Brain to Sleep
Randy Vera is a freelance writer, licensed nurse, and sleep enthusiast from Los Angeles, California. After traveling through SE Asia to learn of his heritage, he joined a few of his colleagues at Onebed Australia. He practices Zen meditation daily and prefers living a natural health lifestyle.


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